Summer is coming by Natalya

Summer is coming by Natalya
June 23, 2015

Summer is coming

Uterine fibroids in many cases is a debilitating condition1. It can result in fatigue2, pain2 and heavy bleeding3. In severe cases it can also result in a swollen tummy due to an increase in uterus size3. As a result, it can have an impact on your confidence and contract your life choices, even simple ones like planning or knowing what to wear for your sunny week-end. .But solutions exist! Natalya Valevskaya, a recognized fashion designer in Moscow and Milan would like to offer women suffering from fibroids, some advice to be prepared for the summer.

Summer is full of various occasions to show off your wardrobe

Have you ever searched your wardrobes for what seems like hours trying to choose the perfect outfit? Well, this will happen even more with the sunny days ahead of us. So, just how do you cope with the invite to the summer wedding, the impromptu invite to the beach, joining friends for a picnic while dealing with uterine fibroids on a daily basis?

“The key to summer dressing is keeping your fabrics lightweight and fluid” says Natalya. “Don’t be afraid of bright, fresh colours. Layering your outfit helps you to cope with not only the changing temperatures but also creates a skimming shape to an outfit, disguising those areas you are trying to avoid drawing attention to.”


Summer is a time for weddings. From the moment that invite drops through the postbox, you will probably find yourself wondering “What will I wear?” In fact, the bride should be the only one worrying about her outfit for that day. Given that weddings generally call for a more formalized dress code, Natalya has some hints and tips to make you feel more comfortable.

“Try to avoid anything too form fitting, especially over your tummy. You can spend a long time sitting at weddings, so comfort is key. This doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. With carefully selected patterns and cuts you can have both comfort and style, for example a lighter fabric dress with a more structured jacket or looser more fluid trousers with a loose patterned top. Choose colours that are flattering to your skin tone as you won’t want the outfit making you look ‘washed out’. This season’s colours are vivid; think blues, greens, violets, pinks and reds, but for a wedding, the classic colours are also a good bet.”

The beach/swimming pool/ outdoor picnic

Summer is coming. You probably see magazines and TV shows all dedicated to getting bikini ready for the sun. If you suffer from uterine fibroids, this probably fills you with dread. Looking around in the park or at the beach in the summertime offers an array of different outfits from bikinis, to shorts to sun dresses and wrap-round skirts, but what really is the most practical and comfortable beach/pool/park wear?

“If the occasion is more casual, then your dress code can be too. Sometimes this can be even trickier to plan for. Patterned lightweight trousers with a matching plain t-shirt, a lightweight wrapround dress or skirt in a bright abstract print and shorts are all options for beach, pool or park. Try to avoid outfits that are difficult to get into or out of, if wearing over a swimsuit. Again, the key here is to take layers and mix your fabrics and colours. Pack your beach bag with all the essentials like your sunglasses and sunhat.”

Please remember…

It’s summer, the sun will be out, you can grab hold of life again and start accepting invitations again. Enjoy the beach, the park, and those impromptu barbecues. By following some simple style rules on colours, shapes and fabrics, you can feel ready for the occasions summer has waiting for you. You don’t have to miss this year!

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